Commercial and Industrial Plumbing

Routy’s Plumbing & Gas have extensive experience in Commercial & Industrial Plumbing and Gas Solutions. Please contact us for quality work in the following areas:

Fit outs

We have long standing experience with commercial fitouts of businesses and understand the timeline required to deliver these kinds of projects. We can offer a stress-free service, working professionally alongside other outfitters to deliver a smooth install. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver projects without defects time & time again.

Our fit out experience includes everything from offices to commercial kitchens including some of the most tricky systems to overcome site constraints and requirements.

Programmed Maintenance

Behind every successful business is a well running enterprise. Don’t go a day with a downturn in business due to unexpected hiccups with your plumbing.

We have tailored maintenance programs that can be set up to test and commission your plumbing needs in your business including hot water system services, backflow testing, gas pressure tests and general servicing of tapware and fixtures.

Backflow installation and testing

Backflow devices require annual testing by law to keep our waterways safe from harmful chemicals and diseases. We are backflow licensed to preform regular testing to backflow devices and DCVs, including the completion of regulatory paperwork to submit to water corp.

Our system is set up to remind you annually when your device is due so you don’t miss a beat

ATU installation and testing

ATU (Aerobic Treatment Units) are self contained electrical wastewater sewerage treatment systems used in areas where access is limited or difficult to be connected to sewer mains.

The system processes waste water and makes sure waste is correctly treated for both your health and the environment. Add on systems can re-use this treated water for irrigation, going one step further to help the environment.

ATUs require perioding testing and maintenance which our technicians at Routy’s are certified to do.

Civil drainage and stormwater

Our Civil and stormwater drainage services include but are not limited to the following: Soakwells, culverts, pump stations, channel grates and strip drainage, manholes, concrete and large PVC pipework.

We are equipped with excavation equipment and the knowledge to implement successful civil drainage for most projects.

Trade waste installation and testing

Retail food outlets such as restaurants and cafes produce greasy wastewater from food prep and cleaning. These premises require a grease trap to process and remove the grease build-up to make the wastewater safe to enter the community wastewater system.

Under the Water Services Act 2012, all businesses involved in the retail food industry must obtain written permission in the form of a trade waste permit before discharging any waste into our wastewater system.

Routys Plumbing and Gas are fully qualified and capable of installing these systems, with excellent local suppliers resulting in fast acquisition and install to keep your business running with no delays.

Fire services

Repair, replace and install of new fire services including fire hydrants, fire hose reels, isolation valves and dual check valves.

To discuss your job or request a quote, contact us today.