Domestic Plumbing and Renovations

Renovations and Extensions

Renovations are a great way to update your home, add value to the property and improve your generally living conditions. With a well-planned bathroom, kitchen & laundry you will wonder how you ever lived in a poorly designed or kept bathroom previously.

Routy’s Plumbing & Gas have mastered the renovation industry and can offer much more than just plumbing. With planning, design and coordination of trades, Routy’s can deliver a high-quality works and create the best renovation experience.

New Homes

Routy’s Plumbing and Gas are dedicated to helping you build your dream home. We work closely alongside your builder and architect to provide a personalised system to suit your home and family needs.

Our experience in the best quality plumbing systems and troubleshooting unforeseen issues before the build starts, allows us to help save you time and money.

Hot Water Systems & Heat pumps

Wanting to replace your current hot water system? We can recommend the best solution for your needs and budget. Our technical knowledge and experience in hot water systems can help you determine if you require a gas, electric, storage or heat pump hot water unit or your home. Based on your current plumbing system, Routy’s Plumbing & Gas can save you money and many cold showers by simple identifying the correct system for you.

Heat pumps have become a common, energy efficient solution for your hot water needs. They save you energy consumption costs each year and pay themselves off much like a solar system. Heat Pump’s currently have an STC’s rebate, funded as incentive to switch to greener solutions in your home. So, what is a heat pump? These units simply use the environmental energy such as the outside air to convert into.

Rainwater & Grey Water systems

Rain water systems and grey water can be a great eco-friendly alternative for water supplies. Weather you have limited access to water mains services or would like to opt for rainwater reserves, this can be a good option to save water and money.

Grey Water systems can be a great sourse of water, using your own water from showers and sinks to be re-used for toilets, washing machines or irrigation. The best part about using grey water for your irrigation system is that there is no restriction in WA, resulting in healthier, greener gardens and lawn! Call us today to enquire about the right system for you.

Water Filtration Systems

Improve your drinking water, health, appliances and minimise cleaning calcium marks from shower screens and other surfaces. 

Although we are lucky to have potable water in Australia, water treatment processes can put many nasties in our water that are simply no good for our health and our home.

Whole house water filtration systems are highly recommended by our team as well as our clients that have made the switch. These systems are placed at the start of your water service, allowing for the whole house to have filter water from your kitchen tap to your showers.

We also offer smaller filtration systems if you are simply looking to add drinking water to your sink – if you are interested in getting a filter to your home or business, contact us today and we can identify the best system for you.

To discuss your job or request a quote, contact us today.