Remote Community and Mining

Mining Services are a long standing speciality of Routy’s Plumbing & Gas and we have extensive experience throughout Western Australia in remote areas and mine sites.

Country born and bred; the hard work morality runs thick through our team at Routy’s Plumbing & Gas. It takes a specific type of tradesman to confidently approach remote projects and we thrive in these conditions. We have had the ability to mobilise and carry out works throughout the state and beyond.

Mechanical hydraulics

Tundish lines, airlines and specific drainage for mechanical equipment is all included in our knowledge and skills set. We offer this service, making Routy’s the complete package for any project.

Laboratory maintenance and installation

Experienced on shut down works, new installs and specialised plumbing from laboratory machinery including air lines, pump installs and repairs, gas lines and hydraulics for specialised machinery.

Long-term experience in local mining laboratories has exposed us to the many maintenance issues that may arise and we understanding the importance of quickly and efficiently repairing these faults to keep the ever important processes going.

Mining camp set up & transportable Installs

Transportable and donga installation, water and drainage mains connections and specialised requirements for mobilisation of mining camp set ups is engrained in services.

With over 5 years experience and listing on the local BMW board for transportable installs across WA, we can confidently install, remove and refurbish the plumbing requirements of these buildings.

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