General Maintenance

General Maintenance is the backbone of our service and we have licensed tradespeople throughout the Perth area who can assist with the following:

Our highly skilled maintenance technicians are the best in the business when it comes to troubleshooting your plumbing issues. From domestic maintenance to keeping your commercial enterprise running smoothly behind the scenes, Routy’s has your back.

Hot water system repairs

Keeping a hot water system serviced can avoid interruptions to your hot water supplies by limiting repairs or replacement. With a repair before replace policy, Routy’s can service your hot water unit if you are experiencing a loss of hot water or unreliable water with temperature fluctuating.

Our maintenance team are quick to test units and identify if the system may be repaired or quickly quote you for the best replacement to suit your home and needs. We understand the inconvenience of no hot water and have the best service to minimise the possibility of cold shower!

CCTV Drainage Camera Inspections

Blockages are hard to find and often cannot be seen or accessed due to pipework being underground. Routy’s can identify the blockage with CCTV drainage cameras to locate the exact location of the blockage.

Blocked drains and hydro jetting

Routy’s Plumbing & Gas is equipped for the toughest drain blockages. Weather the drain is blocked with hair, grease, tree roots or sanitary product, Routy’s can identify the blockage with CCTV drainage cameras and remove the blockage at the source.

For the toughest of blockages, a sewer jetter may be required, to blast stubborn fats or solid items and completely slush out the drain for a better long term result.

In Australia, it is common to find clay drains in older houses, these can case many issues when cracked or infested by tree roots. In this case we recommend that the effected section or entire mains pipework be replaced with PVC pipework for long term resolution.

Fixture and tapware repair / replace

Tapware and fixtures require regular servicing to avoid damage and leaks, a simple tapware service to replace washers, rubbers or to re-seat may save our clients’ money and potential damage in the future. Sometime the damage is beyond repair and requires replacement.

Routy’s are efficient in identifying exactly what you require for replacement, giving our clients the choice of recommended replacement or the information to outsource fixtures and tapware of their choice.

This extra service offers the very best experience to the individual.

Water leak detection

If you have a large water bill, wet or damp areas or an obvious water leak, we can perform a leak detection service to identify the leak, locate and repair.

We use the best materials available to replace leaking pipework to prevent future leakage which is often caused by poor quality pipework, fittings and fixtures.

If you believe you have a leak or are receiving an abnormally high water bill, contact us today and we can troubleshoot the issue to determine if there are any hidden leaks on the property.

Gas leaks

Gas leaks are a crucial emergency service and require correct and safe repairs by a qualified gas fitter. Finding a gas leak can be time consuming, however at Routy’s Plumbing & Gas we have the very best procedures to quickly isolate and detect leaks.

We will take care of all regulatory paperwork upon completion and provide this to the client for submission to ATCO.

To discuss your job or request a quote, contact us today.